Thomas’ Bird Feeder

One of Thomas’ favorite “chores” is filling up his bird feeder. He started “bird watching” at his Gram’s house and enjoyed filling up her bird feeders so we started doing it at home as well.

This is when Thomas was one at his Gram’s house. He was helping spread sunflower seed on the ground for the birdies.

I love our bird feeder because it is suction cupped to Thomas’ playroom window. It has a two way mirror behind the feeder so the birds can’t see into the house, but you can see them.

Thomas likes to use his gardening shovel to scoop the bird seed into the feeder.

Our cat, Boo Boo, likes to pounce at the birds when they land at the feeder, even with her stalking the birds, they still return.

I told Thomas his yellow shovel was too big to scoop the bird seed into the feeder. I was wrong.

We’ve spent a good bit of time sitting in the playroom talking about the different birds that visit the feeder. The birds are identified by color right now, for example he’ll say “Look! A red bird!”, but we are building on his identification with the correct names. My own knowledge of bird identification is limited so we’re looking for a bird identification book that is age appropriate for Thomas.

This what the feeder looks like from inside the playroom.

If you would like to get a bird feeder like ours here is the affiliate link:

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