Thomas’ Toddler Plastic Water Bottle Waterfall

Thomas LOVES water play! He could sit for hours in the bathtub and pour water back and forth between containers if I let him. Now that the weather is warming up I want to turn our backyard into a hands on experiment with multiple learning centers that he can learn from and play with.

I put this plastic water bottle waterfall together in a very short amount of time. It took me more time to find water bottles than it did for me to actually get the waterfall made.

Here is our waterfall! I need to readjust the top bottle so there isn’t any water left standing. I liked this location because the gravel soaks up the water.

Needed items:

  • water bottles
  • box cutter (I tried using scissors and that was too much effort)
  • big container
  • cups
  • water
  • kid
  • staple gun
The top bottle of the waterfall is a little high for Thomas, but he was able to reach the other bottles and he liked the challenge of pouring into the top bottle while standing on his tiptoes.


  1. Remove labels and plastic rings from bottles
  2. Find a location for the waterfall (This could be step one)
  3. Cut long rectangles into the bottles with the box cutter
    • Be careful cutting! The razors are very sharp!
  4. Take the staple gun and staple the bottles zig zag down your location.
    • Make sure you have the bottles angled enough to empty the bottles so you’re not left with standing water.
  5. Place the big container at the bottom with water.
  6. Give your kid a cup and let them start pouring water into the top waterbottle

Thomas was mesmerized by the cascading waterfall! Unfortunately, the following day it was too cold to play with it and he was very upset. I have a feeling this summer we will be adding to the water fall. I would like to somehow interweave a second waterfall.

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